1. We build ships

We build your dream in combination with our detailed vision, no detail will be left behind

We handle all welds in our yard

We have over 30 years of experience

We are used to big projects

We make custom hulls for your ship

We exceed expectations

We build ships

We have built more than 88 yachts in the last 35 years and we are happy to show you some of these yachts.
The most recently built yachts are the YXT 24 Evolution – Crossover 27 – both ships are beautifully finished “ shadow vessels"  technically well-equipped  and equipped with all luxury

2020 We delivered the 48 ft Noordkaper, a beautiful classic and seaworthy sailing yacht
2021 The Tender MV10 is one of our latest projects, and is a completely new design for a fast sailing tender with optimal comfort
2022 We launched the Lynx Crossover 27


We build ships