The Bonker


For the exterior is chosen for a sturdy nautical styling and details, with a wink to commercial crafts, for example with royal deck space, wide side and fore deck raised bulwark with heavy stainless steel 316 brushed railing work.

The raised mooring bollards are places on top of bulwark level for direct easy mooring, with hydraulic mooring winches. P&S under each mooring bollard are the shore connections, which results in a clean deck with no electra shore cables over deck.

There are around the deck 5 cameras for safety and easy mooring, in the top of the mast there is also an infrared night camera with a pan and tilt system.

For those people who not like or are not able to walk the stair, they have the possibility to go by a special PB designed integrated lift platform to the accommodation deck and/or to boat/fb deck, even on the swim platform, there is a special PB designed integrated lift platform to or from the aft deck, the three lift platforms are big enough to carry a wheelchair,

The whole boat; exterior and interior are wheelchair friendly. In the aft deck over the lazarette there is a 2 x 1 mtr. hatch, hydraulic operated for  example scooter storage under deck.


The Bonker