2. Refit / Maintenance

We can renovate your current yacht to modern standards

We go in depth on our renovations

We will handle your yacht with care

We can restyle every part of your yacht

We exceed expectations

We use modern day technology

Refit / Maintenance

In recent years we have done various refits, the most special refits we have been able to do are:
1 The 30 meter Herring logger “LOTO”S”  Build in 1903
2 The Feadship 14 meter Lemsteraak Schollevaer, launched in 1938.
3 12 meter sailing yacht of de Vries Lench

We have various yachts in continuous maintenance
1 Belle de jour
2 Ferry Eemdijk
3 Ferry Eemhof
4 Lemsteraak the Great Beer


Refit / Maintenance