The Noordkaper

The Noordkaper and Zuidkaper series. These beautiful classic yachts were designed by Martin Bekebrede

The Noord and the Zuidkaper are quality yachts with an enormous appearance, tough and robust, but also stylish and comfortable. Wide side decks and the wheelhouse with a beautiful view make life under sail a great sailing experience. The ease of handling and level of comfort above and below decks on a North or South right whale, even in a turbulent sea, are legendary.

The Noordkaper sailing yachts are beautiful classic yachts. Quality yachts with a tremendous look, tough and robust, and also stylish and comfortable. Wide gangways and the wheelhouse with a beautiful view make life under sail a great sailing experience.The pilothouse is a real eyecatcher, in case of bad weather there is a dry,warm and safe place inside for everyone.

The Noordkaper is extremely sturdily built – a boat that will outlive you! The construction and welding are more the kind of thing you would expect to find in commercial shipping than in yachting. The optimum length/width ratio offers a surprisingly large amount of space for present-day comfort.

Unlike many yachts of similar length. Suitable for long distance, especially shorthanded, sailing and onboard living. Panoramic deck saloon with inside steering. The retractable centreboard enables cruising in shallow waters

The Zuidkaper is differs from the Noordkaper. The difference is a smaller transom and less sheer and therefore a lower bow. The hulls of these beautiful sailing yachts are identical underwater. The Zuidkaper and Noordkaper are available in all lengths from 12 to 24m.


Noordkaper 48 -S Pride


Noordkaper 43 Unfug


Noordkaper 66ft Bylgja


Noordkaper 40