About Us

Flevoship Holland builds every yacht directly for the owner, but also for other yards.

Flevoship has been on the market for 35 years and has grown into a renowned member of the Dutch yacht building family. Our excellent reputation is partly due to the top designers Pierer Beeldsnijdes and Martin Bekebrede With Pieter we have built various beautiful yachts such as the Belle de jour and the Bonker and with Martin we have set up the Noord and Zuidkaper line of course we have built many other designs by their hands.

Since 2017 we have welcomed Lynx Yachts and Diana Yacht design. Commissioned by lynx Yachts, we have built the YXT Yachts with which we add another superyacht to the supperyacht fleet. Our smallest yacht but certainly worth mentioning is the very luxurious aluminum tender MV10 designed by Herbert van der Brand.

Flevo motor yachts

Over the years, Flevo Jachtbouw has been able to build various custom-made motor yachts. The tough PB 66 “M.Y. Bonker”, the powerful and elegant PB99 "M.Y. Belle de Jour" (a true masterpiece) and the PB 1940 Motorcutter “Marlin” show that Flevo Jachtbouw is strong in the segment of luxury, larger motor yachts. But the yard has also built special yachts in more modest sizes. Striking is the Flevo 49 OC a ship designed by Martin Bekebrede with a sturdy, timeless look with modern accents.


Flevo sailing yachts

The Showpieces among the sailing yachts are the Noord and the Zuidkaper serie. These beautiful classic yachts are designed by Martin Bekebrede. They are quality yachts with an enormous appearance. They are tough and robust, but also stylish and comfortable at the same time. The wide side decks and the wheelhouse with a beautiful round view make life under sail a great sailing experience.


Flevo yacht design

Flevoship Holland knows the importance of good design. That is why the yard only works with renowned yacht and naval architects We thank Martin Bekebrede who is retired and Pieter Beeldsnijder (in memoriam) We are currently working together with Diana Yacht design, Triple Marine and Naval architect Herbert van der Brand, Flamme Yacht Design.